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Reds. Whites. Pinks. And some sparklings too.

House whites

La Pintora Sauvignon Blanc (Chile) £4.55 (175ml glass) £6.20 (250ml glass) £17.95 (bottle)
Crisp and pale lemon with subtle green apple and gooseberry flavours.

Scenic Ridge Pinot Grigio (Australia) £4.55 £6.20 £17.95
This popular white wine is easy-to-drink and has a  low acidity.

House reds and rosés.

Scenic Ridge Shiraz (Australia) £4.55 £6.20 £17.95
Deep purple with ripe blackcurrants and flavours of juicy plums and subtle spice.

Finca La Vistosa Malbec (Argentina) £4.55 £6.20 £17.95
Deep robe with purple hues, dark berries and smooth  tannins.

Jack Rabbit White Zinfandel (California) £4.55 (187ml bottle) £17.95 
Deep robe with purple hues, dark berries and smooth  tannins.

Marcel Hubert Rosé (France) £17.95
Summer berry aromas with sweet tangy raspberry and strawberry fruits.

Champagne and sparkling wine

House Champagne Cuvee Reserve Brut £37.50
‘House Champagne’ perfect for all occasions.

Veuve Clicquot Brut £55
The famous orange-yellow label identifies Champagne with a bouquet marked by Pinot Noir. A powerful wine with depth to the nose and sturdiness in the mouth.

Prosecco £6.50 (200ml bottle); £24.50 (750ml bottle)
Italy’s famous refreshing sparkling wine.

Sparkling Rosé Method Traditional £24.50
Fresh and fruity with an elegant sparkle.

White wines by the bottle

Chablis (Burgundy) £28.95
Typically crisp and dry with a bright green-gold colour and a fruity nose. Full-bodied and lively with plenty of length. This wine is at its best with seafood.

Chablis Premier Cru (Burgundy) £37.50
This pale gold wine is fresh and fruity with a delicate dryness, and plenty of depth  and complexity. A most elegant wine from “Domaine Long Depaquit”. Superb with seafood, shellfish and poultry.

Sancerre (Loire) £28.95
This delicious wine is round and full-bodied with typical Sauvignon characteristics and flavours. Excellent with fish and shellfish.

Gewurtztraminer (Alsace) £28.50
Typically spicy and aromatic, this distinctive white wine is particularly good with dishes cooked in hot or spicy sauces.

Rioja Blanco (Spain) £22.95
Matured in oak casks, this white Rioja has a lovely crystal colour and a very distinctive flavour.

La Pintora Chardonnay (Australia) £17.95
Produced from perfectly ripened Chardonnay grapes selected from  South East Australian vineyards. A versatile partner to shellfish, white meats and salads, this deliciously refreshing combination of tropical and citrus fruit flavours has a fragrant hint of sweet vanilla-oak and a soft rounded finish.

Sauvignon Blanc (New Zealand) £24
This full-flavoured New Zealand Sauvignon is typically zesty and refreshing.

Red wines by the bottle

Cotes Du Rhone (Rhone) £23
This superb wine has a magnificent colour and a complex aroma of fruits and spices. Good length on the palate with an excellent balance of tannin and alcohol.

Chateauneuf-Du-Pape (Rhone) £38.95
This superb Rhone wine has a beautiful ruby colour and typical Provencal aromas.  Fermented in barrels for 12 months prior to bottling. Excellent with red meats, game and strong cheeses.

Fleurie (Beaujolais) £28.95
The most well known of the ‘cru’ Beaujolais, this wine has a bright ruby-red colour and delicate flavours of cherry and peach. Excellent with red meats, poultry and mild cheeses.

Bordeaux Superieur (Bordeaux) £27.50
Matured in oak casks, this superb wine is similar to St. Emilion in style, but slightly lighter.

Chianti Classico (Italy) £27
One of the most popular wines of Italy, Chianti Classico comes from a defined area within the Chianti region of Tuscany. Rich and powerful with a deep red colour and a smooth finish.

Rioja (Spain) £22.95
This red wine has a deep ruby colour and a highly complex aroma. Typically full-bodied and oaky. Excellent with roasted meats and steaks.

La Pintora Merlot (Chile) £17.95
A very deep colour and juicy black fruit flavours with firm well-balanced tannins.

La Pintora Cabernet Sauvignon (Chile) £17.95
Excellent with red meats or with cheese

Pinot Noir (New Zealand) £24
Soft and velvety smooth, this wine is a fine accompaniment to many dishes.

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